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Ep b47 "The R-Word"


Counselor & Whiz welcome filmmaker Amanda Lukoff & discuss her film “The R-Word.” (1:05) Her inspiration (Gabrielle is awesome), the film’s message, a courageous 1st grade show & tell, & words matter! (18:55) Then, film discussion including: the words use across all demographs, use in media, marginalization, powerful stories, & officially offensive. (45:41) After, adios sticks & stones, words kill, terminology, the doc film-making process, what’s next & what you can do (outtakes after...)

Amanda Lukoff was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and grew up as part of a set of triplets and with her older sister who was born with Down syndrome. After making stops in Tucson, NYC, and Los Angeles, Amanda went back home and completed her B.A. in English & Black American Studies at the University of Delaware. Amanda worked for many years in communications-related positions in the non-profit & private sector, as well as doing on-camera and voice-over work, before deciding to focus her energy & passion on film and TV production. She and her husband founded Thorough Productions, a full-service production company based out of the DC metro area. In recent years, Amanda has broadened her scope of work to include directing, producing, and writing for clients in television, business and non-profit, with a special focus on work highlighting marginalized communities. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading catching flicks, dancing like everyone's watching, and running after her two young children.

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