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Ep0.8 The Show Must Go On!


Counselor & The Kid welcome Vidas & our upcoming contributors Donuts & MamaDoc. We then discuss Loving Day (interracial marriage only 51 yrs old), & Supreme Court via Republicans purges votes, just like the state level (7:40), Repubs kill equal access to the internet (18:05), a photograph says all about the US downfall (20:05), how important State Attorneys Generals & Judges are (28:00), can the DNC *PLEASE* stop shooting themselves in the face (31:16), Cough attack (34:31). The importance of a dominating power to buy in to a cause (34:46), NHL & LeBron hating (41:19). TRY to recognize your friends in need (51:39), & the week in Fatherhood - & K2 got a 529 scholarship (start it for your kid)! (59:15).

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