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Ep0.4 The Long Show (2 parts)

(DOWNLOAD Pt 1) Episode Notes: Counselor & The Kid discuss some non-45 related news (2:13), the new normal, tax cut shenanigans, and the good old days (7:30). (DOWNLOAD Pt 2): No sugar coating (0:00), you cannot separate party from president (2:05), racism is NOT politics (11:34), Auntie Maxine!, f Waffle House & 52 military wives (18:40), the next Dem ticket & don’t cannibalize (28:40), Worst NBA #1 seed, gambling is worse than weed, some hockey and golf, (38:38), Mother’s Day, the perfect Father’s Day, and Dr. Drai beats Dr. Dre, and more to come (55:11). We forgot the outro music again, darn it.

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