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Counselor is an attorney & entrepreneur. Born & raised in NYC, then the Dominican Republic & Orlando, he has a BA in International Relations from Brown University, a law degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, & an MBA from UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. Double Tar Heel. Father of two, & husband to a Nephrologist. His areas of practice include medical malpractice defense, contracts, & business litigation. Before law school he was a Business Analyst & Technical Consultant. He's lived in Harlem, the DR, Brooklyn, Central Florida, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, and Central NC. Counselor is a news junkie & has consumed US & global politics since 1988. He knows everything about MLB and the NBA too. :)

Whiz Kid aka The Whiz aka The Kid is just what his aliases allude to. Babyfaced, he's a Jack of All Trades - knows a little bit about almost everything. The Kid's current paycheck comes as a Global Compliance Manager. He's also been an Industrial Engineer & Management Consultant.  Educationally, Wiz Kid is the proper moniker: he graduated High School as Valedictorian & has 2 degrees from top schools, both with full scholarships -- BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) from VA Tech (Cum Laude) +  MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill (Top 5%).  Even-keeled to the Counselor's unmitigated passion, The Wiz is liable to spout random song lyrics or movies quotes at any given time, correct you during summer when you say 1:00pm EST  (it's Daylight Time), then explain how someone on the pitch in the World Cup didn't mark correctly and cost their team the match. Speaking of sports, his teams are (in order): UNC Basketball, Philly Eagles, VA Tech Football, Atl Braves. Wiz Kid now lives in Cali (Bay Area), but grew up in Richmond, VA (Highland Park) & has lived in Northern VA, Maryland, Durham NC, & Charlotte NC. Oh yeah, he's also been to 5 of the 7 continents, but who's counting. :)

Counselor & Whiz Kid are business school mates, fathers,

professionals, younger siblings, hilarious, know-it-alls and humble. ;)


El Aech Soul is a percussionist, vocalist, and occasional music producer based in Oakland, CA. He was a founding member of the band Solganix and provided the grooves for Hawaiian artist Mike Dayao on the album “Acoustic Island.” His latest project, Watch the Smoke, is a multi-genre trio. Their music can be found on YouTube at


Lady D is a Latina raised in NC. She’s a former sushi waitress, current corporate attorney and future podcast star. In her spare time you can catch her obsessing over her child, listening to explicit music on Spotify and spitting one liners.

Donuts, our law enforcement professional. "I come from a family FULL of hustlers. My grandparents did time for selling crack. I thought she had a 'candy store,' but there were only adult customers buying 'rock candy.' I still love my grandmother & have many fond memories. I've spoken to my mother through the glass at county lock up. I've had to visit her at the state mental hospital when found not competent for jail time. I was raised in a household with constant yelling & hitting. I've got scars from my parents. My father once threw me across the room into a wall & busted my head open. I told the ER nurse I was playing & fell. I've been in abusive relationships - emotional & physical. I've also known the pain of wanting to commit suicide. I sat with my pistol in one hand & a bottle of pills in the other trying to figure out which would hurt less & be less messy. I was saved by a random call from my dispatcher. She is very religious & doesn't know her phone call saved my life. Her words, 'It was in my heart to call you. I just wanted to check up on you & see how things were going.' She doesn't know it scared the shit out of me that God timed that call perfectly. When I was in college I worked all the time, putting myself through school. My parents offered no assistance. My dad had a new family & so I paid for school while paying my mom's bills. This isn't a sob story. This is the life I was given & I wouldn't trade it for anything. It has made me a better person & an even better Officer. The world can be a very ugly place. I know what it's like to be in shitty situations. I uphold the law, and I do so with as much compassion as I am able. I have been a negotiator for people in the community. Instead of taking someone to jail for stealing food I've paid for the food & issued a trespass warning instead. Instead of taking a juvenile to jail I've contacted school coaches & had them do extra PT as a punishment. Many will disagree with my style of policing & body cameras have taken much of my discretion away. This is a small synopsis of my life, but for these experiences & many more when people listen to me they are getting someone who understands much more than what is covered in an hour long talk."

Ohm Boy is a millennial techie that grew up in Orlando, FL. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida (#GoGators), then pursued a Master’s degree in the same field at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (#GoBlue), specializing in analog circuit design. Ohm Boy is a Hardware Systems Engineer & designs circuit boards for consumer products. He’s worked at some of the biggest tech companies, & has also lived in Dallas TX, Portland OR, and currently resides in San Francisco CA. Some of Ohm Boy’s hobbies are reading, traveling, discussing politics/religion/finance, & promoting LGBT issues and awareness. He also is a strong advocate for education in low-income communities (which has changed his life), and writing code in MATLAB to help forecast financial returns on investments. Finally, he enjoys reading tech reviews on the latest gadgets & technology to constantly improve as an engineer.

Cut the Caca, aka CTC, is a platform for discussing current events & life experiences, aiming to increase collective knowledge of the world. We unite folks who otherwise would not interact, but have more things in common than in opposition. Our content is from the contributors' mind. No agendas. No Caca.

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